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BMS (Niagara)

Building Management System (BMS) 

Our BMS focus on the system integration of building facilities for automation, energy savings and centralization of the management of building facilities, such as central air conditioning, lighting, elevators and escalators, electrical and communications, process utilities, and security and access. Typically, these systems are connected to a central control room in the building, and in some cases to our command and control centre at our headquarters in Kajang, Selangor. 

  • System Intergration of BMS

We design, support, install, and integrate the BMS as part of our involvement in the systems integration process. We have mostly worked on BMS system integration for commercial, institutional, recreational, and hotel facilities as well as industrial structures. Along with installing new BMS during the construction of new buildings, we have also upgraded and/or retrofitted BMS in already-existing buildings.

  • Maintenance of BMS

Along with BMS installed by third-party services, we also offer maintenance services for BMS installed by ourselves.



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