Case Studies

Solar Cooling System
Whole building consists of 4 storeys. Ground floor common area (main lobby, lift lobby and VIP room) is served by solar airconditioning system. This system is the “First” installation in Malaysia.

Efficiency Does Matter
A shopping mall consists of multiple tenants inclusive of offices, and shop lots using direct fired, double effect absorption chiller. The chillers are due for replacement; the following comparison is on the saving of operation cost with the availability of high efficiency absorption chiller.

Electric or Natural Gas
Existing electric chillers have been operated for the past 16 years, the performance of the chillers drop and cause high electricity consumption. Due to the availability of natural gas supply to the premise, the owner is considering to change to direct-fired absorption chiller, or upgrade to high efficiency electric chiller

Vacuum Tube vs Flat Plate Solar Collector
Environmental activist wishes to incorporate a solar water heater for new bungalow for hot bath, preheat for boiling, cleaning and laundry purpose without using electricity and less detergent. The task lies in selecting the most suitable solar water heater system.

Biomass or Electric Energy
The management had the intention to reduce their operating cost, and start looking ways to start. They target the chiller as it’s the largest electricity consumption equipment. Currently, the electric chiller has been operated for the past 12 years, and the management decided to look for alternative solution. This factory is generating steam, due to the availability of steam supply in the premises and is inexpensive; the management is considering changing to steam-fired absorption chiller

Solar or Electric Heater
The hotel operates more than 25 years. The owner wanted to renovate and decided to change his aged electric boiler. A friend told to switch to solar hot water because he has large roof space and solar technologies have been improved tremendously.

Solar Hot Water System for Hotel Application
The hotel is under development stage. The owner has initially opted for the conventional electric heating system (heat pump) as designed by his consultant. A friend told him to switch to solar hot water system to utilize the free energy from the sun and solar technologies have been improved tremendously with very high efficiencies.