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About Us

Solar District Cooling 
Our Business Principal In Malaysia.

Our key areas of expertise are energy-saving services, BMS, and solar thermal systems. We also provide these services. The maintenance of gas-fired chillers is one of our other activities.

Building Management System (BMS)
Our building management systems (BMS) are primarily concerned with centralizing the management of building facilities, including centralised air conditioning, lighting, elevators, escalators, electrical and communications, process utilities, security, and access, as well as automating and providing energy-saving services. They often connect to a centrally located control room inside the structure, and occasionally they also link to our command and control center located at our headquarters in Kajang, Selangor.

  • System Intergration of BMS 
    Our involvement in the BMS system integration involves designing, supplying, installing, and integrating the BMS. We have primarily integrated BMS systems for industrial buildings, commercial buildings, institutional buildings, and sites used for entertainment and hospitality. Along with installing new BMS as part of the construction of new buildings, we have also upgraded and/or retrofitted BMS in structures that already existed.
  • Maintainces of BMS
    In addition, we offer maintenance services for both BMSs installed by outside service providers and those installed by us.

Solar Thermal System & Energy Saving Services
The main focus of our energy-saving services and solar thermal systems is solar thermal hot water systems for large hot water users, such as hospitals. In many cases, these services also include replacing fluorescent lighting with LED illumination to reduce electricity use. Through the use of direct sun radiation, our solar thermal hot water system heats water. Our goal in offering this section of services is to help customers cut back on their energy consumption, which will lessen their overall carbon footprint.

  • Energy Performances Services
    The business activity consists of upgrading existing fluorescent lighting with LED lighting in certain contracts, constructing a new solar thermal hot water system, and integrating it with the current fossil fuel boiler system. For the life of the contract, we will finance the project expenditures for the installation of the Hybird solar thermal hot water system and, in certain cases, the retrofitting of LED lighting. After that, we will maintain the things that we updated, installed, and retrofitted..
  • Installation of Solar Thermal Hot Water System
    This area of the company's operations is dedicated to independent projects that don't fall under our energy performance offerings. These stand-alone projects are mostly for the industrial sector, hospitals, and private residences..
  • Maintenance Of Solar Thermal Hot Water & Cooling System
    We provide maintenance servies for solar thermal hot water and cooling system that we install as well as those installed by third parties


  • Maintenance Of Gas Fired Chillers
    We also provide maintenance services for gas fired chillers.


Why Us


We have an estabilsed track record of approximately 16 years to serve as reference site for prospective customer. 

Since the commencement of our business in 2008 we have accumulated a track record of 16 years where we started providing BMS in 2009, Solar thermal hot water systems in 2010 and energy perfomances services in 2019. In addtion, we have cultivated long-term business relationship with our customer whom have been dealing with us for 5 years or more. Our track record provides us with the platform to serve our existing customers as well as prospective new customer to sustain and grow our business.

Our Solar Thermal hot water system assits companies to reduce their carboon footprint

Our Solar thermal hot water system uses sunlight to directly heat up the water while other hot water system uses either diesel, LPG or electricity. Organisation who are heavy user of hot water including heatlhcare institutions such as hospitals, and hospitality business such as hotels and service apartments are target users of our solar thermal hot water systems. The Use of renewable energy in our solar thermal hot water system would appeal to prospective customer who are seeking to reduce their carboon footprint while impronving their responsiblitiles to environment.

We have the technical expertise and certification to meet our customers' requirement in BMS and solar thermal systems.

We possess the technical and engineering know-how to fulfill our clients' needs for BMS, Solar Thermal System, and Energy Saving Service provision and upkeep.We are assisted by the following staff members in several departments, who are Executive Directors who are engineers:

- 9 Engineers* within the Project Department
- 8 Engineers* and 1 ICT personnel within the Service and Maintenance Department; 
- 3 Engineers* within the Business Development Department

In addition, we have the relevant registration including registration as an Energy Service company with the Energy Commission, Malaysia, Grade 7 Contractor and Grade 4 Contractor with CIDB registration with the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia which demonstrates our capability in assisting our customer' requirements.

We have our brands to help facilitate brand awareness and customer loyalty

We have our brands of key equipment and software for BMS including DDC and central controllers manufactured by a third party which are rebranded and marketed under our "Tri-IO" brand. We also have our brand of solar thermal collectors which are manufactured by a third party that is rebranded and marketed under our "SDC" brand. The Tri-IO and SDC brands of products are some of the components, among others, that are used in providing systems intergration of BMS and solar hot water system. Our brand of DDC, central controller and solar thermal collectors will provide us with some visibility to create brand awareness among potential customers and engineers, and at the same time provide the platform for creating and sustaining customer loyalty

We have experinced Directors and key senior management to grow our business

We have experienced Directors and key senior management team that is head by our Managing Director, Edison Kong, who brings with him approximately 17 years and 16 years of experience in BMS and renewable energy espectively. He is responsible for the overall strategic direction, growth and development of our Group. He is responsible for the overall strategic direction, growth and development of our Group. He is supported by our Executive Director, Eileen Liuk who bring with her 21 years of experience in sales and marketing. Our key senior management team includes Ed Kamil Bin Md Bashah (Project Director), Khoirol Suhardi Bin Shaaban (Technical Director), Mohd Hanafy Bin Rasimon (Project Director) and Gan Yee Shan (Finance Manager)


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